2022 Festival

Festival dates: March 3-13, 2022
Extended to March 20!

Love and Mazel Tov</br>(in BC only)

Love and Mazel Tov
(in BC only)

LOVE & MAZEL TOV is a warm-hearted and witty love story. A plea for love against all prejudices.
Mighty Ira</br>(Canada-wide)

Mighty Ira

Meet Ira Glasser. Baseball lover and civil rights champion, who, as leader of the ACLU for 23 years, took it from a small grassroots operation on the verge of bankruptcy, to the juggernaut it is today.
Neighbours</br>(in BC only)

(in BC only)

The film was inspired by the director’s personal experiences, and so his bitter-sweet memories connect the Syrian tragedy to the present.


Marcel Marceau (born Marcel Mangel) is remembered as the legendary mime artist and actor, who entertained millions of people all over the world. But the Jewish-French performer’s most important role was chosen by him before he was famous.
That Orchestra with the Broken Instruments</br>(in BC only)

That Orchestra with the Broken Instruments
(in BC only)

They speak different languages. Their instruments are broken. An orchestra of professional and amateur musicians, young and old, prepare, against all odds, for a one-time-only concert in Jerusalem.
The Conductor</br>(in BC only)

The Conductor
(in BC only)

The fascinating story of Marin Aslop, the first female to be appointed as Conductor and music director of a major symphony.
The Fourth  Window</br>(in BC only)

The Fourth Window
(in BC only)

Behind the international success story of Amos Oz, a symbol of the Israeli conscience and a writer translated into 45 languages, lurked a double tragedy.
The New Jew</br>(in BC only)

The New Jew
(in BC only)

The "New Jew" was created with the aim to encourage public discourse on Israeli-North American Jewry relations, and on the evolution of Jewish identity in both of these centers.
The Rabbi from Hezbollah</br>(Canada-wide)

The Rabbi from Hezbollah

Who would believe that Avraham Sinai, an ultra-Orthodox Jew living in Israel, is Ibrahim Yassin - one of Israel's leading spies?
The Raft</br>(in BC only)

The Raft
(in BC only)

Israel's soccer team has a chance of making the World Cup, but the championship match will be held in Cyprus.