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Irv Laskin and Naomi Kronitz
Yael and Jeremy Horwitz
Leo and Marlene Franken
The Spectacle Shoppe

Daniel pretends to be Jewish to impress Anne, the lovely bookstore owner who specializes in Jewish literature, volunteers at a Jewish home for the elderly, and is also a close friend of the Jewish author Schlomo Wisniewski.
Daniel’s initially small “con” turns into an unmanageable web of white lies that he can’t get out of. Will Anne love him when she learns that he is not Jewish at all?

LOVE & MAZEL TOV is a warm-hearted and witty love story, a plea for love against all prejudices.

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DirectorPeter Probst, Wolfgang Murnberger
CastVerena Altenberger, Maxim Mehmet, Lisa Wagner, Lasse Myhr
Runtime 88 min
LanguageGerman w/English subtitles
Genre ,