2022 Festival

Festival dates: March 3-13, 2022
Extended to March 20!

The Un-Word</br>(Canada-wide)

The Un-Word

Iranian, Palestinian and Jewish students walk into a Berlin classroom – and all hell breaks loose. A hilarious and thought-provoking satire about multiculturalism in Germany today.
The Unorthodox</br>(Canada-wide)

The Unorthodox

When Yakov Cohen’s daughter is expelled from school because of her ethnicity, the widowed father decides to fight back
Till Kingdom Come</br>(Canada-wide)

Till Kingdom Come

A Revelatory documentary exploring the unlikely connection between Israel and American evangelical Christians.
Valiant Hearts</br>(in BC only)
Centerpiece Film

Valiant Hearts
(in BC only)

Bristling with suspense and moving in equal measures, Valiant Hearts tells the true story of exceptional bravery and survival against all odds.
Wet Dog</br>(in BC only)
Centerpiece Film

Wet Dog
(in BC only)

Caught between hiding his Jewish identity to save his friendships and continue fitting in with them, or losing everything to live openly as a Jew, there is only one thing he knows for sure.