2021 Festival

Festival dates: March 5-15, 2021

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Kiss Me Kosher</br>(in BC only)

Kiss Me Kosher
(in BC only)

A subversive love story between clashing cultures and families, Kiss Me Before It Blows Up is a romantic misadventure crossing all borders.
Kosher Beach</br>(Canada-wide)

Kosher Beach

The Brave Bunch, a secret female orthodox sisterhood, arrive to what is a source of quiet sanity for them and they consider it a safe haven away from social and family problems: their own private and free heaven.
Love in Suspenders</br>(Canada-wide)

Love in Suspenders

In this charming romantic comedy, two mismatched seniors find love when circumstances conspire to bring them together.


An action-comedy, parody of the Israeli Mossad; the Mossad and the CIA team up to save the world from the “Really Bad Guys” terrorist organization.
On Broadway</br>(in BC only)

On Broadway
(in BC only)

An all-star cast tells the inside story of the Broadway Theater. Legends of the stage and screen.
Peaches and Cream</br>(Canada-wide)

Peaches and Cream

An existential comedy about a neurotic film director whose fear of failure, death and losing control all surface on the night his new film is released.
Shiva Baby</br>(Canada-wide)

Shiva Baby

Toronto raised Emma Seligman's award winning feature film debut, is a hilarious, sneakily eruptive, brilliant comedy.

Shorts Program

An eclectic collection of shorts, featuring all English language productions.
Sky Raiders</br>(Canada-wide)

Sky Raiders

Sky Raiders is an uplifting adventure feature film highly recommended for the entire family.
Sublet</br>(in BC only)

(in BC only)

A romantic travelogue seen and experienced by a New York Times travel journalist on assignment in Tel Aviv.
Sweet End of Day</br>(Canada-wide)

Sweet End of Day

A loving mother and grandmother fosters a secret flirtation with the much younger Egyptian man who runs a nearby seaside inn.
The Art of Waiting</br>(Canada-wide)

The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting is an often-humorous look at the frustrating and not widely talked about subject of infertility.