Harpatka BeShechakim

13-year-old Yotam is obsessed with flying, but his overprotective mother won’t let him anywhere near planes, especially after his father’s death a few years ago. When Yotam and his classmate Noa find a rare antique plane in the local junkyard, they team up with Morris, an 80-year-old grumpy loner, a veteran pilot in the IDF. Together they try to bring the plane back to life, just in time for the annual Air Show.

  • With Guest – Director, Lior Chefetz

Sky Raiders is an uplifting adventure feature film highly recommended for the entire family.

Shelley and David Ail, Moshe Mastai, Royal Bank of Canada

Geo-blocked to CANADA
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Festivals and Awards

  • Winner - Best Live-Action Feature, Chicago Children's International Film Festival 2020

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Film Info

Director Lior Chefetz
CastAmir Tessler, Hila Natanzon, Ari Tcherner, Ricki Blich, Nathan Ravitz, Dor Harari
Runtime 103 min
LanguageHebrew w/ English subtitles
Genre ,