Partner with the Enemy

Partner with the Enemy

Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 1:30 PM
Canadian Premiere

NOTE: all screenings at this venue are 19+.

Sponsored by:
Aron and Neri Tischler
David Schwartz & Debby Freiman
John Anthony & Wendy Fouks

In the midst of the ever-fraught Israeli-Palestinian political landscape, two women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, attempt the seemingly impossible: to build a business together. Fighting against societal and family pressure, anti-normalization currents and a chauvinistic, male-dominated industry, the two combine forces to create a logistics company which helps Palestinian businessmen to navigate the everyday absurdities of Israeli control of the West Bank. But while they help their clients to overcome the obstacles of Israeli occupation, the divisions between them threaten to tear their partnership apart. Can the bond between them overcome the impossible?

Screens before Of Many.

Festivals and Awards

  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, July 2015
  • Seoul International Women's Film Festival, May 2015
  • Documentary Edge New Zealand, May 2015
  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA, January 2015
  • Haifa International Film Festival, October 2014

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Event Details

Film Info

Year 2015
Country Israel
Director Duki Dror, Chen Shelach
Runtime 60 min
Language Arabic & Hebrew with English subtitles