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Robert Collum and Lori Albert
Nathan Neumer and Eli Gorn

With special guest, director Sonia Suvagau & Sebastian Hugeneck, collaborator and music composer

Modern societies are wrestling with many inequities, including individuals becoming more and more excluded and isolated in their life. This has become a large enough problem for those in their twenties that it has evolved a name: Quarter Life Crisis. Overwhelmed by too many options and social media comparisons, Generation Yers are often misunderstood as lazy or entitled. What’s at the core of this issue and why are today’s quarter-lifers more anxious and depressed than ever before? Troubled twenty five year old filmmaker Sonia Suvagau and her boyfriend set out to discover why the Quarter-Life Crisis is plaguing their generation.

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Festivals and Awards

  • Logan Film Festival
  • Astra Film Festival
  • The filmmaker won Best Student Film and Best Actor award at the L.A. Global Film Festival
  • Best Short (Death by Night Showcase)Moving Image Film Fest
  • Best International Student Film ( Illinois International Film Fest)
  • Best Student Film , Best Actor (L.A. Global Film Fest)

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Film Info

CountryCanada, Austria, Romania, Sweden, USA, UK
DirectorSonia Suvagau
CastPaul Angone, Georg Csarmann, Charles Heffernan
Runtime 81 min