Wherever You Go

Wherever You Go

Monday, November 11th, 2013 at 12:00 AM

NOTE: all screenings at this venue are 19+.

Years after cutting herself off from her Orthodox family, Zohara decides to show up at her younger sister’s wedding. On her way from her to the wedding she meets Neriman, a young Bedouin woman, who’s escaping an arranged wedding forced upon her with her cousin. Zohara finds herself becoming an unintentional accomplice in Neriman’s escape. Zohara and Neriman’s crossing paths creates a powerful encounter between two worlds, reflecting each woman’s struggle with self definition and the expression of self in a “predetermined world.”

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Film Info

Year 2012
Country Israel
Director Rony Sasson Angel
Cast Hilla Vidor, Maisa Abed Elhadi, Shahir Cabha
Runtime 40 min
Language French, Hebrew and English
SourceSeventh Art Releasing