Director Emil Ben Shimon’s feature debut is infused with a lot of effortless humour, presenting witty, genuine characters that audiences can relate to and revel in watching. The husband and wife at the centre of the story are a model couple until the rabbi divides them. Suddenly he’s uttering criticisms that she will not tolerate as a woman or his wife, nor is she afraid of telling him or the rabbi what she thinks of their disapproval. She’s an unofficial leader amongst the women and she’s determined to ensure they regain their status as their husbands’ equals. In the meantime, the men are provided ample opportunity to right their wrongs and remedy the rabbi’s errors. What becomes most interesting is their inability to directly defy the rabbi, choosing to passively challenge him in most instances. Conversely, these are women of action who are decent and resourceful. It’s a joy to watch these wonderful actresses take charge of the narrative and hold on to their characters’ identities.

Sponsored by:
Ed and Susan Kroft
Nancy Stern and Stephen Shachter
Herb and Barbara Silber


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Film Info

DirectorEmil Ben Shimon
CastAvraham Aviv Alush, Yafit Asulin, Orna Banai
Runtime 96 min
LanguageHebrew w/English subtitles