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Susan Albersheim and Steven Barer
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Tuur and Lambert are best friends in a Nazi-occupied Dutch village who pass their days playing soldiers and exploring local caves, mimicking a war that seems far removed from their everyday life. When Maartje joins their class, the young girl immediately stands out as different from her classmates. Yet the boys embrace their new friend, forming a unique bond based on shared adventures, secrets and mischief.
Ultimately, the realities of war find them. Secrets Of War puts both the danger and the humanity of wartime friendships squarely on the shoulders of three children who must face extraordinary circumstances with a maturity far beyond their years.

Preceded by the short The Train, starring Eli Wallach in his final appearance in film.

Festivals and Awards

  • Stony Brook Film Festival 2015: Audience Choice Award, Best Feature
  • Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2014: Adult’s Jury Award, Live Action Feature Film or Video


2015 USA 6 minutes |Directed by Asher Grodman | Starring Eli Wallach

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Film Info

DirectorDennis Bots
CastMaas Bronkhuyzen, Joes Brauers, Michael Nierse
Runtime 95 min
LanguageDutch with English subtitles