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SAVING NUR IS A STORY OF COOPERATION BETWEEN SIDES OF A CONFLICT that are often portrayed as being implacably opposed. Two Gaza parents, Ibrahim and Maha, fight for the life of their daughter, nine-year-old Nur, who is afflicted with a rare genetic disease. Her parents realize that the standard of treatment in Gaza is not specialized enough; they put in motion the huge administrative and logistic procedures to travel to Israel’s Schneider Paediatric hospital to see Dr. Michael Gurevich, the only surgeon who performs liver transplants in Israel. Throughout the production, everyone involved-the parents, the doctors, groups of volunteers-is united in their common cause, the wish for a young girl to live a healthy life. Director Nili Tal takes us on Nur’s journey across borders and shows us the transformative power of humanity and hope.

Gidon and Nadine Frame
Jonathan Goodwill

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CountryUSA, Israel
DirectorNili Tal
Runtime 68 min
LanguageArabic with Eng. subtitles