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Dr. Ann Chala with Julius and Ann Chala
In Memory of Hungarian Jews who perished during WWII.

Irmi Selver was born in 1906 into a comfortable Jewish family in Chemnitz, Germany, where she grew up, married, and began her own family. Nothing prepared her for the upheavals and tragedy that were in store for her, or the many times she would have to begin anew on unfamiliar ground. Irmi is a deeply personal film made by a daughter inspired by her mother’s story and her spirit.  It explores how unexpected events and chance encounters can both shape a life and reveal its true nature. Irmi’s own memoir, Irmi takes us on her unique journey.

Guest: Director, Veronica Selver
LIVE Q&A: Thursday, March 10 at 7pm PST

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DirectorSusan Fanshel, Veronica Selver
Runtime 70 min
Genre , ,