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Tmunat Hanitzahon

The Battle of Nitzanim is a little-known story of a kibbutz in the South that was pressured to hold the line against Egyptian forces and eventually, wildly outnumbered by Egyptian troops, surrendered after many of its residents were killed. It was seen by some, as an ignominious defeat and for that reason is not as well known as many other stories from that war. The story is anchored by two extraordinary characters, both of whom were real figures. Amir Khoury portrays the Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, a newsreel director covering the War of Independence and tasked by a producer, pressured by generals to provide “images of victory” for King Farouk.
An epic cinematic triumph on so many levels, the must see film of the festival!

Guest: Director, Avi Nesher
Guest: Producer, Ehud Bleiberg
LIVE Q&A: Sunday, March 6th, 11:00am PST

Suggested reading before the Q&A. Learn the history behind the film from the below article.

This film is based on a true story; certain critical scenes from the film are divulged in the article.


Festivals and Awards

  • Nominated for 15 Israeli Academy Awards

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Film Info

DirectorAvi Nesher
CastJoy Rieger, Amir Khoury, Ala Dakka
Runtime 128 min
LanguageArabic, Spanish, Hebrew with English subtitles
Genre ,