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A CHARISMATIC AND DEDICATED TEACHER CREATES A RUNNING GROUP FOR his students, young African refugees who live in Israel without any legal status. For these talented runners, this activity becomes a way to find their place in Israeli society. Embedded deep within us all is the desire to feel like we belong. Freedom Runners is the poignant story of young African refugees whose families fled their homeland and now live in Israel as non-citizens. Aiming to make a change in their lives and help them to believe in a better future, Rotem Genossar founds a running group as a social activity for the students. Their incredible talents are honed and put on display in large-scale competitions, and despite consistent wins and near-wins and many calling for citizenship for these outstanding students, their path to citizenship remains an uphill battle. Facing countless obstacles as they strive for validation in a world divided by hate and ignorance, Genossar and star runners Rahel and Ramzi win our hearts with their remarkable spirit, determination and self-awareness well beyond their years.

Arnold and Anita Silber and Family

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DirectorDavid Wachsmann
Runtime 51 min
LanguageHebrew with English subtitles
Genre ,