17 yr old Naama Barash enjoys alcohol, drugs and hanging out with like-minded friends. Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, and a rebellious, army-enrolled sister, who, one day, disappears. As a new girl shows up at school, Naama falls deep in love for the first time, and the intensity of the experience at once confuses her and gives her life new meaning.

Sponsored by:
Ellen Flanders and Mel Ackerman
Robert Albanese and Harriet Frost


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Festivals and Awards

  • Winner – Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay – Haifa International Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Feature – Guadalajara International Film Festival

Screening Details

Film Info

DirectorMichal Vinik
CastReut Akkerman, Dvir Benedek, Koral Bosidon
Runtime 81 min
LanguageHebrew w/English subtitles