The Stranger

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Produced by Sam Spiegel ( billed as S. P. Eagle) about a war crimes investigator tracking a high-ranking Nazi fugitive to a Connecticut town. Variety called the film “a socko melodrama, spinning an intriguing web of thrills and chills. Director Orson Welles gives the production a fast, suspenseful development, drawing every advantage from the hard-hitting script from the Victor Trivas story.
 … A uniformly excellent cast gives reality to events that transpire. The three stars, Robinson, Young and Welles, turn in some of their best work….”
 At the 19th Academy Awards, Victor Trivas received an Oscar nomination for writing (Original Motion Picture Story).

It is the first Hollywood film to present footage of the Holocaust.

Doors open at 12:30pm
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Festivals and Awards

  • 19th Academy Awards, Oscar nomination for writing (Original Motion Picture Story) - Victor Trivas

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Film Info

Year 1946
Country USA
Director Orson Welles
Cast Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young
Runtime 95 min
Language English