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The Monkey House presents a captivating blend of literary mystery, witty comedy, and poignant character study in the latest work from master filmmaker Avi Nesher. The story revolves around Amir Haddad, an ambitious young filmmaker who stumbles upon a sophisticated scam orchestrated by Amitai Kariv, an Israeli left-wing novelist, and Margo Mai, a young woman writing Kariv’s biography.

As Haddad delves deeper into the complexities of the scam, he sees it as material for a thrilling documentary. However, Kariv, a formidable adversary, takes offense to Haddad’s investigation, while Mai appears to navigate both sides of the conflict. As tensions escalate and narratives collide, the truth becomes a casualty of the ensuing hostilities.

With Nesher at the helm, The Monkey House delivers a complex and witty tale that explores themes of passion, deceit, and the blurred lines between reality and fiction. As viewers embark on this journey, they are treated to a thought-provoking and entertaining experience.

Sponsored by:
Judy and Isaac Thau

Festivals and Awards

  • Winner: Audience Award for Best Film -┬áSanta Barbara Jewish Film Festival, 2023
  • Nominee: 11 Ophir Awards, 2023

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Film Info

DirectorAvi Nesher
CastAdir Miller, Suzanna Papian, Shani Cohen, Ala Dakka, Yaniv Biton
Runtime 128 min
LanguageHebrew, Italian w/English subtitles
Genre , ,

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