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Der Passfälscher

Based on a true story, writer director Maggie Peren subtly draws out conflicted characters first with the young forger, Cioma Schonhaus and his reluctant journey into heroism.
Cioma never meets with most of the over 300 people he saves forging their papers, nor does he seem particularly motivated to do the work for a grander purpose.
Forgery appears to embolden Cioma to take on different personalities, better to blend in and avoid suspicion in broad daylight if he acts like he belongs in Nazi Germany.

It’s a bold game of bluff. Thankfully, the young handsome actor, Louis Hofmann, is a charming lead, with the charisma to change gears mid-scene, alter his tone and body language within the same breath.

Festivals and Awards

  • 2022, Vukovar Film Festival
    Nominee - Best Film

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Film Info

CountryGermany, Luxembourg
DirectorMaggie Peren
CastLouis Hofmann, Luna Wedler, Jonathan Berlin, Nina Gummich
Runtime 116 min
LanguageGerman w/English subtitles