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Marzec ’68

Warsaw – March 1968. Two young students – Hania and Janek – meet and fall in love in the midst of social turmoil and Jewish discrimination while protesting against the unlawful expulsion of their colleagues from the university. While the young lovers are uninterested in politics, they find themselves unable to avoid it when Hania’s father and mother lose their jobs due to the anti-Semitic purge and are forced to emigrate. Hania does not want to leave Janek, and the couple soon participate in a protest rally at the university where they discover freedom comes at a high price.


Horatio Kemeny
Harley and Eleanor Rothstein
Deborah Roitberg and Jack Amar

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DirectorKrzysztof Lang
CastVanessa Aleksander, Ignacy Liss, Ireneusz Czop
Runtime 117 min
LanguagePolish w/English subtitles
Genre ,