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999 is the story of the nearly one thousand young, unmarried Jewish girls from Eastern Slovakia who were illegally deported on March 25th 1942. These girls -mostly teenagers – were rounded up and lied to by the Slovak government who secretly paid to have them “resettled.” They naively dressed up in their finest clothes for what they thought was a three-month volunteer work assignment and set off with neighbors and classmates on an adventure. Most of the girls perished but a small group lasted three and a half grueling years in Auschwitz and the film focuses on a handful of these survivors. 999 paints a poignant picture of their experiences, including the unimaginable conditions they faced, and the deep bonds of friendship and solidarity that helped them through the darkest of times. These young women were robbed of their dignity by the SS, but also by historiography. 999 sheds light on this significant event and honors the women of the first transport who, until now, have been little more than a footnote.

Directed by Heather Dune Macadam who wrote the award-winning an international best-seller, 999: The Extraordinary Young Women of the First Official Transport to Auschwitz. Her critically acclaimed book has been translated into eighteen languages and was a PEN Award Finalist for Biography.

Special Guest: Author and Director Heather Dune Macadam

Festivals and Awards

  • Winner: Human Rights Award - Hamptons Doc Fest, 2023
  • Winner: Audience Award - Miami Jewish FilmFestival, 2024

Screening Details

Film Info

DirectorHeather Dune Macadam, Beatriz Calleja
Runtime 90 min
Genre , ,

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